Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring is springing!

The snow is melting in the pasture and there's a creek running across the front lawn. Temperatures have gone up. Yesterday it was 60! The weatherman said it's supposed to snow tomorrow though. We'll see. I worked at the library today for five hours. Now I'm sitting at the computer reading writers' blogs. Very interesting. About my own novel--I've printed the first 6 chapters and finally feel like I'm "off and running." Instead of constantly re-writing the beginning and re-creating the characters and their motivations. Each of the six chapters is about 3,000 words. That's 18,000 words so far. The book is going to be too long. Dang! I've already written the next 7 chapters, but I need to tweak them. I'd like to get the first draft completely finished this year. If I can write 3 chapters a month, I'll do it. Wow! I've attached a snowy scene from earlier this month. March is supposed to go out like a lamb. We'll see.

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