Monday, October 20, 2008

A fun weekend

Saturday was warm, sunny and beautiful! I thought it would be fun to drive to Logan and meet Erica there, and it was! I wanted to see the fall colors in the canyons too. Although some of the color has dulled already, there were still plenty of yellow aspen. As we drove through the Cache Valley we saw a truck with a snow plow for sale. Murray and Dave took it for a test drive and decided to buy it. Now we're ready for winter. It was fun shopping with Erica and Dave in the Cache Valley Mall and other stores. Dave wanted to find a cool baseball cap--but no luck. He did buy a motorcycle jacket though. Erica found a beautiful "ball" skirt on sale. It's silver/gray, floor-length and fancy. I hope we'll get together in Logan more often---it's a 90 minute drive for us from Idaho and Erica from Salt Lake.

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